If your organization is considering purchasing one or more drones our company might be able to help. We can also help drone manufacturers by providing certification services.



The drone world can be confusing. There are many different types of drones. To make matters worse the industry can't even agree on what to call the products they sell. So the word "drone"¯includes products known by a variety of acronyms: sUAS, UAS, UAV, RPAS.


We can provide expert, independent advice on a variety of drone types (e.g. quadcopters).



Does the manufacturer's data sheet represent real-world performance? Sadly, this is often not the case. If your organization is about to invest in drone technology it's important to understand which performance criteria are important for your application.


For example, let's think about flight endurance. When the manufacturer's data sheet stipulates endurance of, for instance, "up to 40 minutes" what does this really mean?

Does it include a camera payload? Is this endurance valid at 1,000 meters above sea level and at an air temperature of 25C? What's the endurance if the drone is hovering at 5 meters or 150 meters above ground level? What's the endurance if the drone flies around both into and against the wind?


If your organization is going to buy a drone it's likely that the manufacturer or reseller will perform a demonstration. We can assist at a demonstration and ensure all the nasty questions are asked and real-world performance proven.



We offer our services to drone manufacturers. We can certify the performance stating the results along with the testing environment (weather conditions, drone flight trials, etc.).


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We do not sell drones. Our advice is independent of any manufacturer.


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